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What is it? Mention the word “acne”, most people think of a health problem usually mild in nature, which appears in puberty and disappears into adulthood. However, this is not true in all cases. In a considerable proportion of people, acne affects adults, may be resistant to conventional treatment and also lead to consequences like permanent scars noticeably affect the quality of life. How do you produce? Acne is a disease of an organ of the skin, the hair follicle. This structure basically includes hair and sebaceous gland, responsible for... Read more

Health tips for diabetic patients

Diabetes is the common health problem these days. It is a metabolic disorder. It occurs when the amount of glucose in blood becomes very high because the pancreas stop producing insulin wchich help the glucose to enter into the body cells. Due to this bad functioning of pancreas, the amount of glucose exceeds the normal amount and the person become the diabetic patient. If you are diagnosed as a diabetic patient, dont worry. You are not alone. There are millions of people who are suffering from this disease. Here are some health tips for diabetic patients so that they can live a normal life.

Health Tips for Diabetes

Health Tips for Diabetes

In order to improve the functioning of pancreas, stop using the artificial foods and carbonated drinks. All sweet products such as fruits and juices should be avoided. Replace table sugar with natural sugar for example honey. Cut down the amount of oil and fats as they have a bad effect on the funtioning of pancreas of diabetic patients.   Avoid eating potatoes and rice. Diabetic patients should prefer to eat fish instead of red meat. Fried items should be avoided. Try to eat grilled or baked meat. Eat the same amount of food each day and at the same time because it will help you to mantain your sugar level. Dont skip meals. Try to avoid overeating. in the begining check your sugar level after taking your meal to see how certain food and drinks affect your sugar level. And in this way you will come to know which food increases the level of sugar in your blood. Thus later on it will help you to decide which food to eat.

Take a specific amount of carbohydrates as carbohydrates give energy. Protiens are important for growth. Low fat dairy products and red meat can be eaten to meet the need of protiens which are essential for our body. Fat in limited amount is necessary for  diabetic patients. The diet of diabetic patients should have the minimum amount of fat, salt and sugar. High amount of fibre are healthy for diabetic patients. Vegetables, fruits and whole grain bread have large amount of fibre in them. Mantain an adequate amount of water in the body because excess of urination leads to dehydration. Bitter gourd, garlic, onion, fenugreek, indian blackberry and cinnamon sticks are very useful for diabetic patients. Thery help to reduce the sugar level in the blood effectively. These food items work against diabetes and help in controlling this disease. Diabetic patients should take food including antioxdants as they help to prevent from this disease. Intake of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and chromium are also helpful for diabetic patients.

Last but not the least, exercise is very necessary for diabletic patients. Go for a morning walk daily as it help to control the sugar level in the blood.